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The Loft was established in 2005. Our goal was to provide a retreat where men where able to step away from the day to day and CHILLLLL!!!

With an ethos focused on excellence, we aim to provide our patrons with a service without compromise. In our atmospheric lounge-inspired space, you can expect skilled barbers who have honed their craft who will provide you with their focus, time and attention.

The team will take careful consideration – time will always be taken when helping you choose your desired look. We believe understanding exactly what the client wants is as important as the knowledge and education that we have gained over the years.

We will only ever use the highest quality products but we believe that great hair does not come from a jar, but from time spent. That’s why here at the loft we will never rush!!!

All our hair services are 45 mins, but can be longer if needed. Included in every service is an in-depth consultation and a refreshing Tea Tree hair and scalp treatment. On arrival you will be offered a choice of a Korev lager, BrewDog ale, or a freshly ground lavazza coffee, tea or bottled water.


A few Words from Dan the owner, senior barber & educator

“The team at the Loft are highly skilled professionals who are experienced in all aspects of the craft. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance look or you are inspired by a vintage or modern trend. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.”

A few words from Adam, Senior barber

“I have immense passion for the craft and understand that attention to detail is key… the client and I work together to tailor a look and then I take time and pride ensuring the client leaves satisfied “

A few words from Matt, Senior barber

“ I have the highest standards when it comes to barbering and consider myself a perfectionist. I will do my best to ensure your desired look is achieved and you leave feeling happy.”

A few words from Tom, Senior barber

“My passion came from my background in visual art. I love the way the world of barbering is constantly evolving and new techniques become popularised. I draw influence from both contemporary and classic styles and aim to cut hair in a way that compliments my clients’ look”


A few words from Jordan, Senior barber

“I have spent the past 6 years Barbering in Washington DC where I have been honing my barbering skills. It’s great being back in my home country where I am able to showcase, share ideas and learn from the incredible bunch of barbers at the Loft.”

Robbie – Newly Qualified Barber, models required

” I am an apprentice barber and will be available Mondays for 1 hour 15 minute supervised appointments at £10. Although I am training I will work to ensure we achieve your desired look.”


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